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Who do you wish you were the master of?

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Would you be able to put up with her for a long period of time, though?

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You think she would treat me like she used to treat Jun, that ignorant dick? Why, if I gave her the attention she deserves?

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She might exponentially require more and more attention, to the point where your entire is consumed

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No, Suiseiseki wouldn't need that much attention (though I wouldn't mind giving her all I have). Look at her relationship with Kiku in Rozen Maiden 0 - Suiseiseki is not an attention-seeking heterochromic monster. In the original manga she also is not so demanding and so tsundereing as she is in the Nomad anime.

Btw, what doll would you choose?

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Suigintou, if I could become more to her than just a power source. But it would be a gamble, because I would have made a grave mistake if I never grew on her...

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